People are complicated

but your solutions don't have to be. 

Dolores Tersigni, Founder

Our Story

Ellavate develops innovative and straightforward people solutions that enable organizations to attract and retain top talent during hyper-growth stage and beyond. Our mission is to help companies professionalize and transform their workforce while enabling them to build sustainable cultures that scale.

Ellavate's Leadership Development Program is designed for employees to become their most effective selves, allowing for immediate impact on the business and maximum engagement in their roles. Our Coaching Program is customized and targeted for VP and C-Level executives, encouraging them to uncover and navigate blind spots.

We are able to quickly identify what is most critical for employees, helping leaders get to the right answers faster. Success is measured through the trust we build with our clients, and the transformation we have to their business.

Our Services

Talent Acquisition 

Strategies to attract, recruit and retain.

Embedded Recruiters

Hiring Rubrics & Scorecards

Employer Branding

ATS Selection & Implementation

Human Resources

Targeted and customized workforce solutions.

Employee Engagement

Organizational Design

Leveling & Compensation Strategy

Performance Management

Coaching Programs

Unlocking potential and cultivating purpose.

Performance Coaching for C-Level & VPs

Talent Acquisition Coaching for Hiring Managers

Career Coaching for Individual Contributors

Leadership Training for Executive Teams

Training & Workshops

Investing in current and future leaders.

Skills-Based Interviewing

Company Culture & Values

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Team

Dolores advises and empowers high-growth organizations during start-up and scale-up phases. She works with clients using a direct, pragmatic, and supportive approach; and believes that who you are as a person is how you show up as a leader.  

By encouraging honesty and transparency, Dolores coaches executives towards driving clarity, managing high-performance teams, and compassionate leadership.

She has extensive experience in People Operations, her primary areas of expertise are Executive Coaching, Business Partner Support, Human Resources Management, Talent Acquisition, and Organizational Design.

Dolores is based in Southern California.  Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Janelle is a Human Resources Leader who equips organizations to grow top talent through Learning & Development, Corporate Responsibility, and Diversity & Inclusion.   

Janelle began her career leading global community initiatives before transitioning to the Ernst & Young Talent Development Center of Excellence.   From there, she started consulting with clients in the education, technology, and financial services sectors. 

Janelle specializes in leadership and professional development training, strategic communications, systems building, and program management. She advises several nonprofits, teaches workshops and gives lectures. 

Janelle is based in Atlanta, GA.  Connect with her on LinkedIn

Karyn is a Global Talent Acquisition leader, having built teams across EMEA, APAC, and North America.  She has extensive experience in the areas of Talent Development, Recruitment Strategies, and Recruiting Operations. 

Karyn specializes in Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Creative Design roles with a focus on building global sales teams at the local and enterprise level. 

Karyn's approach is to understand business needs and assess current talent prior to developing a go-to-market strategy.  In addition, she has a passion for how brands interact with talent, advocating for outstanding candidate experience.  

Karyn is based in Seattle, WA. Connect with her on LinkedIn

Elizabeth is a people-driven leader passionate about creative purpose, healthy cultures, and diversity in organizations.  She has held pivotal roles in building startups and developing grass-roots partnerships that sustain over time.  

With a passion for holistic cultural renewal, Elizabeth has designed and implemented leadership development strategies for purpose-driven NGOs.  She has extensive experience in inspiring and mobilizing teams, coaching, and business development. 

Elizabeth is avid about the "why" behind brands, organizations, and leaders.  She is driven by the desire to help companies and their people Level Up!

Elizabeth is based in New York City.  Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Deandra is a visionary leader who is passionate about the intersection between art and science. She has held many roles, from science research to creative management, in an effort to discover how to fully operate in both the artistic and the scientific realms. 

Throughout her quest, Deandra has sought to bring cultural understanding to different modes of creativity and empower marginalized communities to lean into their unique creative voices to affect positive change. She has utilized her distinctive vision to help coach teams, nonprofits and individuals in their quest to maximize their talent growth and their community reach. 

Deandra is committed to helping brands, organizations, teams, and leaders to achieve and sustain growth. 

Deandra is based in Houston, TX. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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